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Product Fried Chicken - T-shirt
Fried Chicken - T-shirt
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This one comes with a story -

Back in 1995, I purchased a condo. After everything was unpacked, starving  I decided to celebrate by cooking my first meal and I was craving fried chicken, not just any fried chicken, but my Granny's Fried Chicken.  So off to the store to fill my new refrigerator and pick-up all the ingredients for dinner.
Now I'm set - just need to call Granny for instructions, it rings a few times and The Grandpa answers, that wonderful familiar voice - "Heeeeeeellllloooo", 
My reply, "Hi Grandpa, how are you doing?"
The Grandpa "Just fine and dandy."
I ask, "Is Granny around?"
The Grandpa, "Oh sure, what do you need her for?"
Smiling I replied, "I'm making Fried Chicken and I needed her expertise."  
The Grandpa, "Well I can tell you how to make Fried Chicken."
"You know how to make fried chicken?"  I asked.
"I've been married to that woman for over 50 years, she's not the only one that makes fried chicken in this house!" Proclaims The Grandpa.
Startled I answered, "Well ok, can you tell me how to make fried chicken?"
Much calmer The Grandpa answered, "Suuuuuuurrre, here's what you do.  You got your flour with salt and pepper in a dish? Egg wash? Thawed chicken? Oil in a frying pan getting nice and hot?"
Happy he's not so feisty, "Yup!"
The Grandpa, "Good, now grab a bottle of Whiskey."
Confused I say, "I don't have any Whiskey, I have Vodka, will that work?"
The Grandpa, "Oh sure, now take your chicken and stand it up."
"Ok, I'm standing the chicken up, now what?"
The Grandpa, "Pour the Vodka in the chicken."
"Really? Won't it spill out?"
The Grandpa, "No, of course not."
Smelling something fishy - I say, "All righty, what next?
The Grandpa, "After you pour the vodka in the chicken, wait a few minutes, let go of the chicken - when it falls over, IT'S FRIED!!!!!" He laughs and laughs.
silence...  Then exasperated I ask, "Can I please talk to Granny?" 
I still giggle every time I eat Fried Chicken, what a silly, wonderful, amazing Grandpa I had - what a lucky girl I am to have had him for 43 years.


Silk Screened with white, brown, yellow and red ink.

Black, Gildan, 100% cotton heavyweight tee, 5.2 oz

Printed in the USA

Copyright © Angrygirl Wear Tarzana, CA