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Product Corporate Music Sucks - T-shirt
Corporate Music Sucks - T-shirt
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What happened to the "One-Hit-Wonders"?
What happened to MTV playing "Music Videos"?
What happened to listening to the radio and discovering a new great band?
What  happened to Record Labels going to live shows to discover new talent?

I'll tell you what happened... GREED!

Facebook Post 01/07/2013:

"I don't think video killed the radio star, I think auto tune and pre-fabricated-corporate-homogenized-musiccino-sub-standard writers-no more one hit wonders-killed the radio star - I may stand alone, but I personally haven't been able to listen to main-stream radio in over a decade, and I am not an elitist - I'm not a music snob. I go to a club or venue and I hear GREAT music! Where the hell is this on the radio? I think radio and/or corporate greed and bullshit has killed the radio star. I am sad."


Silk Screened with white ink.

This image is 13.5" x 13.5" - nice and big!

Black, Gildan, 100% cotton heavyweight tee, 5.2 oz

Printed in the USA
ON SALE! (because I want to send a message to the suits!)

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